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This week on The Star Wars Show we review all the Star Wars publishing news from San Diego Comic-Con...
Star Wars collectibles help fans cherish what they love most.
Whether it be your favorite Star Wars t-shirt, or your favorite costume you can't wait to show off to your friends, nothing is more essential than making a fashion statement through your favorite pop-culture franchise ever!
From real spring-loaded action figures to expensive movie props, Hasbro is looking to make their latest figures more life-like- actually, 'hyperreal'.
Star Wars Pop! vinyl figures have been the staple of FUNKO collectors for many Star Wars fans. They're not just cool, but adorable as well.
Art has been a symbol of hope and destiny in the Star Wars universe. One of the best examples of Star Wars art is none other than the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
When it comes to Star Wars, watching nor reading is enough. These days, living the life of Star Wars characters through virtual reality is the future of the franchise.
San Diego Comic-Con wouldn't feel quite right without a little bit of Star Wars.
Novels and comics have been one of the biggest contributors to the Star Wars universe.
Pack your bags because it's time for Star Wars at SDCC 2019!

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