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Rebels isn’t the most popular show in the galaxy far, far away. However, people’s love and appreciation for it is growing every day.
Characters were a very strong point for Inferno Squad. While these characters were introduced in Battlefront II, the story mode was lacking in some of its details.
As it turns out, the problem of not knowing where to start can actually be that simple to solve. Have an idea, then start doing it.
The scores are based on the book’s characters, writing style, plot, intrigue, what it added to the Star Wars universe, and if it added to or took away from logic within the Star Wars universe.
Among the collection is another awesome and slightly “darker” warmer — the Darth Vader wax warmer.
“I don’t know when, over the period of time, fandom became so contentious..."
Don’t let yourself be the one looking back on these years wishing you were more involved. Soak it up as it comes. Love what you love, and let others enjoy what they enjoy.
...let’s get past the initial 'fandom' speak and 'geekdom' and talk about my true inspiration for loving these films the way I do.
Disney has given us a platform to enjoy almost everything that is Star Wars. Just think about that if you will.
...most of the debates I see are between individuals. This is why we at Far, Far Away News decided to do a team ranking made up of many of our opinions.

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