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For months, fans have hoped and prayed for Taika Waititi to direct a Star Wars feature film.
Today, we have found out from Marvel Comics that they will resume Wednesday releases for new comics...
Battlefront II has provided me with so many memories, and each update gave me the feeling of hope...
Today, we have some sad news about any hopes for Battlefront III.
“It’s like poetry, it’s—sort of— they rhyme. Each stanza kind of rhymes with the last one.”
For better or worse, storytelling is more complex than ever with tales being told across multiple mediums by different voices under the umbrella of one cohesive narrative.
Back in February, we reported that J.D. Dillard will serve as director for an upcoming Star Wars project, alongside screenwriter, Matt Owens.
Whether you're locked up inside or not, this timeless classic is a Star Wars fan's go-to racing game in any situation.
While we’re all self-quarantined at home, you’ve probably burned through every show on your binge-list. Walt Disney Studios is here to help.
From the sweeping strings, to the swashbuckling fanfare brass, to the marching percussion, the music of Star Wars has a special place in mine and many other Star Wars fans’ hearts.

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