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Discover a fun fact about this episode's music and more!
How do you view Darth Maul after this season? Has your opinion changed on him?
For the longest time, Netflix's popular TV series, Stranger Things, has held the crown for being the most-streamed digital show.
The Clone Wars love is palpable these days, and it will continue on in the form of a middle-grade anthology...
The Clone Wars has come to an end, but that's not stopping D23.
Learn the different ways this episode connects to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and more!
What a beautiful finale it was. Fans can take a collective breath, now, and so can Dave Filoni.
For over a decade, we’ve fallen in love with these characters and followed their stories. This is the ending they deserve. It’s been a wonderful journey.
Thank you, Dave Filoni, and the entire team at Lucasfilm. The Force has never been stronger.
Recently, I had the privilege to speak with Kevin Kiner about his life and Star Wars. My hope is that this interview will help you grow a deeper appreciation for him and the tremendous work he has done at Lucasfilm.

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