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Skywalker, Captain Rex and the Bad Batch ought to make one heck of a team. We can’t wait to see them in action together!
The Clone Wars is finally back, and back with a punch!
Will you be buying the soundtracks for each episode of The Clone Wars?
Tomorrow, when The Clone Wars returns, we'll witness the continuation of Lucas' legacy that will continue to withstand the test of time.
Do you think that this season will change how you view Revenge of the Sith?
He alluded to some tantalizing story arcs within the season, particularly one involving fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano.
Fans of “The Clone Wars” might be interested to know that a certain mysterious and powerful Nightsister almost had her own backstory.
Throughout the Star Wars galaxy, Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett, has been one of the biggest outlaws the galaxy has ever seen.

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