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While its delay comes as a shock, fans will be able to get a sneak peek prior to its release with The Lightsaber Collection...
I recently interviewed one of the authors of the upcoming High Republic series, Cavan Scott, and got his much-welcomed thoughts on reading Star Wars.
Michael Siglain, creative director at Lucasfilm Publishing, released a statement today announcing the new date for the launch of The High Republic.
Jordan Maison appears to have found some hopeful information regarding its trademarks and what they mean for the future of The High Republic era.
Check out this exclusive look from StarWars.com at the new Jedi Knights and Masters from the High Republic era!
“I’m always interested in the past and what happened before to make things the way they are in the modern era."
...Now, the wait is over! The highly anticipated and clandestine Star Wars project, Project Luminous has finally been exposed.

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