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Making a follow-up series would be a no-brainer for Lucasfilm and would answer plenty of unanswered questions fans have been longing for some time now.
Disney+ is set to launch in a little over a month and with it we’re getting our first ever true, cinema quality live action Star Wars TV show.
No matter how sweet the taste is of the blue milk at Galaxy’s Edge, something far sweeter and more satisfying is...
Ever since Disney announced their upcoming video streaming service, Disney+...
Throughout the Star Wars saga, background props play an essential role in making the audience feel a part of the universe.
After the recent film schedule released by Disney, it left many of us scratching our heads as to the future of Star Wars.
For many years, Pinewood Studios has been home to some of the franchise's most iconic films.
The Mandalorian is one of the most anticipated Star Wars shows ever.
As a fan who’s watched every episode and season of Clone Wars, it is undoubtedly some of the best Star Wars to date. Clone Wars brings to life many of the same characters from the prequels as well as...
Didn’t get to see the latest news and announcements surrounding the Clone Wars panel? We got you covered! Watch it here: https://youtu.be/MXV3G4B6hFU Share your thoughts below of today’s Clone Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago!

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