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As seen with previous projects EA has released in the Star Wars universe, we can expect Project Maverick to be released on platforms including Xbox, PS4, and PC.
Yesterday, ILMxLAB announced an all-new "action-adventure VR experience" that will feature the pride and joy of Disney Parks' Galaxy's Edge.
Since then, things have gone radio silent. Yesterday, Jordan Maison sparked the fire and hinted toward a possible reveal of Project Maverick coming next week.
Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge brings the experience of Galaxy's Edge to your home – another avenue of interaction to help you escape from our pandemic filled reality.
Rumors of a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order have circulated for some time now, but a recent EA earnings call gave us a light of hope...
The sequel to the popular Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order, looks to have taken a huge step forward.
Whether you're locked up inside or not, this timeless classic is a Star Wars fan's go-to racing game in any situation.
Project Luminous has finally been revealed, and it's going to be an exciting era for Star Wars storytelling.
Today, a data-mining bot account on Twitter has found some intriguing information on a new Star Wars game that supposedly was found on the Playstation Store Network's server.
All right, gamers, we’ve got an update from leak source Bespin Bulletin on Instagram about upcoming Star Wars video games.

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