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Their forces may be small, but the Resistance is strongest when its members stand together.
First things first. Lucasfilm has officially released some new dialogue for Emperor Palapatine.
This week on The Star Wars Show we replace the trench run actors from Star Wars: A New Hope with...
Amazon got into the whole Star Wars marketing campaign blitz by releasing their own exclusive special look of The Rise of Skywalker.
Besides Leia stealing the show as usual, we got some pretty amazing posters as well.
Brave, daring, and a little bit cocky, Poe Dameron is one of the Resistance's best pilots.
Will you be watching The Rise of Skywalker with a friend? What friendships have you made from Star Wars?
The Rise of Skywalker is now less than two weeks away, but don't expect to stop hearing about it.
This week on The Star Wars Show we gawk over brand new merchandise of The Child from The Mandalorian...
Whether it's seeing Force-Time calls or Luke Skywalker Force-projecting himself across the galaxy, expanding the use of the Force has been essential to the Skywalker story.

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