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"It's too dangerous Finn. I need to go alone."
Discover how Finn changed from stormtrooper to Resistance hero!
The band of Resistance freedom fighters livestream your questions at Galaxy's Edge!
A couple of new TV spots for The Rise of Skywalker have been released from Lucasfilm, with both highlighting the themes of “Duel” and “Celebrate.”
Enough is never enough when it comes to marketing their Star Wars films or TV shows.
The Rise of Skywalker International (Chinese) TV Spot was just leaked!
We've gotten more footage than many have hoped for.
This week on The Star Wars Show we take a look at E.K. Johnston's upcoming book, Queen's Peril, find out First Order stormtroopers fly now...
Which is your favorite stormtrooper design?
Just as fair warning, you will get emotional.

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